Background of PSDNJ

The Persatuan Sindrom Down Negeri Johor (PSDNJ) was set up on 1998 focusing on objectives and the goals to produce individuals with special needs trained in basic vocational skills, to produce appropriate socio-emotional and behavioural personalities and to create a conducive and positive environment as well as to support the development of individuals with special needs in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

The five-member team protem committee lead by Associate Professor Dr YEO KEE JIAR  assists by Mr TAN EOW HUANG, PUAN ZAITON KHAN, late PUAN KASMAH ISMAIL and PUAN SARIAM, spent their valuable time to draft the constitution in order to register with Registrar of Society (ROS).  It was a moment of pride when Persatuan Sindrom Down Negeri Johor (PSDNJ) is the first Down Syndrome society registered in the country.

To date, there are 12 DS Societies at state leve and 1 (one) at national level.  Down Syndrome Association of Malaysia  (Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia – PSDM) and over these years, PSDNJ membership has increased almost 10 folds to 300 today.  With the setting up of he advocacy work done, DS children have easier entrance into special education programme in public schools.  Education officials and society at large have better understanding of the strengths and weakness of individual with Down Syndrome.



Associate Professor Dr Yeo Kee Jiar (Advisor)